The Unusual Trend In Healthcare Facility Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is declining nationally, so why is it increasing in healthcare facilities? Each year, there are fewer and fewer reported nonfatal workplace incidents and homicides, according to a report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. However, Advisory Board reported that 75 percent of all workplace assaults happen in healthcare facilities. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration categorizes several risk factors for violence in healthcare facilities.

Protecting Your Data From The Dark Side

The Galactic Empire needed a way to squash the rebellion manifesting across its galaxies. It decided to design the Death Star, which conveniently wipes out planets one at a time, striking terror into the hearts of those thinking of raising their hands with the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. When the Galactic Empire needed a secure way to store the schematics for the Death Star, it turned to a technology that transcends both time and space—the tape drive. Tape offers the Empire an offline backup copy for protection against both ransomware and rebels with the added ability to physically store it at a data center on an offsite planet. Unfortunately for the Empire, too much faith in the dark side and too little faith in IT security resulted in the tape being stolen and the Death Star being exploited for its minor design flaw.

Do you regret your Isilon purchase?

If so, you aren’t alone. We find ourselves in more and more conversations with companies that are feeling angst about their Isilon purchase—for a multitude of reasons. In fact, in a recent survey we conducted, 43% of respondents evaluated Isilon before purchasing a Quantum StorNext® solution. This tells us that although Isilon has a strong presence in the market, it doesn’t deliver the workflow capabilities that media and entertainment companies actually need in a storage system: high performance, easy access, and low cost.