Anniek Snauwaert
Anniek Snauwaert is the global Head of Technology Partners and focuses on building strong partnerships with ecosystem partners across Quantum’s key verticals of Media & Entertainment, Video Surveillance & Security, Technical Workflows and Data Center Solutions.

What’s Next? Convergence.

The theme for Quantum’s presence next week at NAB is all about “Power What’s Next”. The messaging plays along the line of being ready in your storage infrastructure to handle the next big change in your content workflow. We’ve known about the impact of 4K or even 6K on storage infrastructures and are now even learning about how HDR significantly impacts storage performance requirements. What this means for you, is that you need to envision your environment three years from now when you make storage refresh decisions today. At NAB, Quantum will show you how to Power what’s Next in collaboration with some of our key Quantum Advantage Partners.