Michael Le
Michael Le is a member of Quantum’s newest Install Base team, who focuses on aligning the needs of enterprises along the west coast with the right solutions. He finds inspiration and creativity in connecting with people through the outdoors as an avid hiker and being a patron of the arts. With years of experience in digital marketing and sales under his belt, he seeks to advance Quantum’s mission for years to come.

Protecting Your Data From The Dark Side

The Galactic Empire needed a way to squash the rebellion manifesting across its galaxies. It decided to design the Death Star, which conveniently wipes out planets one at a time, striking terror into the hearts of those thinking of raising their hands with the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. When the Galactic Empire needed a secure way to store the schematics for the Death Star, it turned to a technology that transcends both time and space—the tape drive. Tape offers the Empire an offline backup copy for protection against both ransomware and rebels with the added ability to physically store it at a data center on an offsite planet. Unfortunately for the Empire, too much faith in the dark side and too little faith in IT security resulted in the tape being stolen and the Death Star being exploited for its minor design flaw.