Robert Renzoni
Robert is our Federal Technology Director providing innovative, value based data protection and management solutions to Federal Agencies.

The U.S. Army Meets Hollywood Storage Architecture: Taking the Enterprise Challenge

Keeping intelligence flowing to those who need it quickly and easily is a cornerstone for success in the military, and was the focus of attention during this year’s U.S. Army Enterprise Challenge 2014 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. For the past few years the U.S. Army has conducted Enterprise Challenge, an annual exercise that allows agencies within the Department of Defense and their international partners to demonstrate new and existing technologies. It’s a place where vendor engineers can bring their sensors and ground systems and see if they work together in real world collaborative environments. This year the Army team sought out the assistance of Quantum because of the company’s vast experience in streaming media workflows.

Thoughts from GEOINT 2013*

Today’s warfighters and explorers continue to depend on this critical information in ways the early explorers could not have dreamed. This week at the GEOINT 2013* conference companies are showing off the latest in 3D mapping, satellite imagery and remote sensing, and drones to capture full-motion video. However, without the tools to capture rich data, process it, preserve it, and collaborate with it, we would not get the full value from these sophisticated geospatial technologies. This week at GEOINT 2013* we’re having a lot of conversations about the proliferation of vital data, and Quantum’s role in a range of mission workflows to foster collaboration. The talk on the show floor at GEOINT 2013* revolves around how the geospatial community can share expertise to address a challenge that has plagued cartography from day one: How to get an accurate map in the hands of the users that have the critical need in a timely way.