Taking the Fight to a Patent Troll

A federal jury in Seattle recently ruled for Microsoft in a patent dispute with Google’s Motorola Mobility division, closing off a summer in which patents have been a hot topic. The continuing Apple-Samsung battle has attracted a lot of attention, and President Obama’s proposals for cracking down on patent trolls are being followed closely in the technology, legal and VC communities. It’s the issue of patent trolls that I want to focus on here. These are companies that exist solely for the purpose of buying patents and then suing others for infringing on “their” technology. A few months ago, Quantum had a resounding legal victory against a patent troll, and it’s a good example of how absurd these lawsuits can be.

Introducing StorNext 5 Appliances for a New Era of Digital Workflows

Earlier today at IBC in Amsterdam, Quantum announced StorNext 5 Appliances, a new generation for StorNext that delivers dramatic new levels of performance, scalability and flexibility for the industry’s leading file system, tiered storage and archive. Newly engineered from the ground up, StorNext 5 is the result of over two years of development with our team of file system experts—many from the original StorNext team— examining virtually every line of code with the thought: “How can we optimize StorNext for our customers’ modern, evolving workflows?”

Worried About Data Vulnerability? You’re Not Alone

According to a recent survey of IT Managers by Quantum, one in four businesses have suffered a data security incident in the previous year. The survey also showed that 90 percent of IT Managers believe their organization’s data is vulnerable in the event of a disaster. Put these two statistics together and they paint an interesting picture (or infographic, to be exact). Based on the survey, you might conclude that IT Managers realize that data security threats are on the rise, and they are doing everything they can to protect their company’s data, resulting in only a 25 percent rate of incidents. On the other hand, the numbers don’t show how many incidents went unreported, and whether the organizations that avoided data security breaches are doing something right — or just got lucky.

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