It’s been exciting over the last year to see our revenue and work with Managed Service Providers grow – both as partners and as customers. There’s no doubt that the transition to the cloud is accelerating and by 2020 we expect at least 40% of data will touch the cloud during workflow.

Already, many Enterprises are outsourcing their backup storage, DR storage, maybe even their entire infrastructure to these MSPs. With Quantum’s business as a specialist in scale-out storage and data protection, we’re gaining a better perspective and experience on the service provider business.

Some things that are common for all service providers:

  • They are looking for ways to grow their revenue by adding clients and adding additional services
  • They think about storage differently – storage is about growing business line revenue, and in some cases smarter ways to store and protect data means lower costs, which is all about improving margins on their services business lines.
  • And – just like other businesses but amplified – MSPs are dealing with a challenge of up-front fixed cost investment that may or may not pay off over time based on services revenue streams.

One really interesting conversation we’ve had with a number of MSPs as well as solution providers is using our deduplication technology to help address these issues. Specifically:

Creating and offering a new offsite backup service for their clients based on Quantum’s virtual deduplication technology. Deduplication reduces on-premise storage for their clients, and is a really efficient way to transmit data over the WAN. Quantum’s replication technology is uniquely designed to transmit deduplicated data over the WAN, using AES-256 bit encryption for security.

  • Our unique “Powered by Quantum” offering enables partners to set up this type of service – but also solves the “up front fixed cost” problem by offering a unique subscription-based pricing model. Check out the link below to learn more about this.
  • Finally – by helping MSPs to define storage architectures based on their clients’ workflows, based on the MSP’s business line needs, and leveraging our new archiving technologies, we’re helping MSPs to improve their business line margins and their bottom lines.

Want to Know More?

Check out our new service providers page to see if Quantum’s specialized expertise can help you to gain more value out of your data and help drive your business. Then watch the video below to see how Managed Service Providers like Brazil’s Ativas are partnering with the storage experts at Quantum. 

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