Keeping intelligence flowing to those who need it quickly and easily is a cornerstone for success in the military, and was the focus of attention during this year’s U.S. Army Enterprise Challenge 2014 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

For the past few years the U.S. Army has conducted Enterprise Challenge, an annual exercise that allows agencies within the Department of Defense and their international partners to demonstrate new and existing technologies. It’s a place where vendor engineers can bring their sensors and ground systems and see if they work together in real world collaborative environments.

This year the Army team sought out the assistance of Quantum because of the company’s vast experience in streaming media workflows. The Army looked to the Quantum team to help enable a high performance shared storage environment to capture full motion video (FMV) and other related ISR sensor data and to share that data to mobile devices deployed with forward operators working in harsh desert field conditions.

The Quantum team was happy to answer the call, and deployed a version of its newly launched StorNext Pro Storage Solutions to reproduce a portion of the storage that would be part of a Distributed Common Ground System – Army (DCGS-A). Each service has its interoperable version of the overarching DCGS program, and DCGS-A is the system currently fielded to U.S. Army warfighters to provide a unified intelligence picture at levels from company to corps, and to provide intelligence interoperability with sister services and other government agencies.

This use of Quantum’s StorNext Pro Solutions is a new trend where two seemingly unrelated worlds collide – Quantum is taking Hollywood architectures and their experience delivering those solutions to help ease the burden of ever increasing data flows from ISR assets.

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