Police Body Cameras – Managing Data Storage for an Extra Set of Eyes

Recent very public incidents involving residents and police have sparked a conversation of the value of equipping police with on-body video surveillance—not for security monitoring, but to provide law enforcement and citizens with a single source of truth. Cambridge University recently completed a study of the police department in Rialto, California—a city of about 100,000—where they saw an 89% reduction in the number of complaints against officers in a year-long trial using body cameras. Without accurate video evidence taken at the point of an incident, it becomes almost impossible to know what really happened. And in the absence of visual proof, assumptions run wild and events can spiral out of control.

Quantum in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant – Challenging the Status Quo

Gartner just published their first annual Magic Quadrant for the deduplication appliance market, and I think it’s an accurate portrayal of the market, as well as good validation of Quantum’s DXi deduplication technology. The Magic Quadrant itself is shown below (the full report can be obtained via Gartner), and Quantum was the only vendor ranked as a “Challenger.” This is a great ranking for Quantum and based on Gartner’s methodology this reflects a strong ability to execute, capable products, and the financial resources to sustain continued growth. The strengths that Gartner highlights in their report validate our technology and some of our key differentiation.

Introducing StorNext Connect

Since they were first introduced over a decade ago, shared storage solutions have been the industry standard for sharing content in media workflows, enabling teams to collaborate more effectively. With shared storage, multiple users can directly access content across a SAN connection at the same speed as direct-attached storage. Shared storage has the power to stream high-resolution content to team members at rates high enough to never drop a single frame. That’s where a fully-featured management platform like StorNext Connect comes in. StorNext Connect allows you to install, manage and monitor all your StorNext shared storage resources—storage, CPU, memory, network—in an intuitive graphical view.

Backup is Busted – Live from VMworld 2014

We’re really excited for VMworld this week - once again one of the best opportunities to showcase our technologies and the ways that we are helping customers rethink how they protect VMware data, as well as other data types. At VMworld, we’ll be talking about how “Backup is Busted.” What does that mean? Backup is Busted means that batch backup is not designed for protecting virtual servers, or other specialized, challenging data like large unstructured file content. When it comes to virtual servers and VMware data, we’ll be showcasing our vmPRO and DXi-V deduplication technology, which uses a unique approach to protecting VM’s. Rather than the traditional, network-and-resource intensive approach of doing batch backups in proprietary formats, vmPRO snaps VMs in native format, first prepping the VMs for maximum data reduction and network savings. vmPRO uses the native tools available in VMware, instead of treating VM’s like physical servers.

Where to Deduplicate, and How to Keep it Simple

Deduplication is now widely recognized as a proven technology in the datacenter. In fact, it seems to be cropping up everywhere – from flash arrays to backup applications, and of course disk backup appliances. There’s no end in sight for structured and unstructured data growth, and with the proliferation of technology like deduplication, it is not unusual that the level of complexity increases, as does the challenge to keep it in check. A good first step is to recognize where deduplication can best be applied. Here are a few of the considerations.

Quantum Acquires the Symform Cloud Storage Platform

Today, Quantum announced the acquisition of the Symform cloud storage platform, serving over 45,000 customers. As a Quantum customer, or prospect, why should you care? For years, customers have relied on Quantum, as a specialist in scale-out storage, backup and archive, to deliver the best workflow and target storage. These target devices have been everything from cost-effective managed Scalar tape libraries, to highly scalable online Lattus object storage, to extremely efficient DXi disk deduplication appliances. In combination with our ISV partners, we’ve delivered workflow, backup and archive solutions with high quality end-to-end support. Survey after survey has shown that customers trust Quantum to deliver the most cost-effective, successful solutions for their storage use cases. But in the new world, there are increasingly cases where customers need the target device to be a cloud service.

The U.S. Army Meets Hollywood Storage Architecture: Taking the Enterprise Challenge

Keeping intelligence flowing to those who need it quickly and easily is a cornerstone for success in the military, and was the focus of attention during this year’s U.S. Army Enterprise Challenge 2014 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. For the past few years the U.S. Army has conducted Enterprise Challenge, an annual exercise that allows agencies within the Department of Defense and their international partners to demonstrate new and existing technologies. It’s a place where vendor engineers can bring their sensors and ground systems and see if they work together in real world collaborative environments. This year the Army team sought out the assistance of Quantum because of the company’s vast experience in streaming media workflows.

Simplify! Simplify!

In one of my favorite bits from Cheers!, Diane quotes Henry David Thoreau, “Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplify! Simplify!” Coach ponders for a beat and replies with possibly the first deduplication joke: “Couldn’t he just use one ‘simplify’?” I’ve been thinking a lot about simplicity this week as Quantum simplifies the DXi family. Now with just three deduplication appliances – the DXi V-Series for virtual environments, the DXi4700 for SMBs, and the all-new DXi6900 for mid-range to enterprise environments – Quantum’s new dedupe family covers the same range of data protection TBs that the industry sales leader covers with nine products. That in itself is a magnificent act of simplification for customers sorting through purchasing decisions for multisite implementations. The announcement sparked a flurry of industry conversation.

Partnering with FireEye on Network Forensics and Cybersecurity

A former FBI director is famous for saying that there are two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be. One of the rewards of working on scale-out storage for mission critical environments is that you get to work on solutions that make a difference—to national security, to financial markets, to our economy. Today we are pleased to announce Quantum’s partnership with FireEye in the area of network forensics—a critical component of any modern organization’s security operations.

Simplifying Deduplication with the DXi-Series Powered by StorNext 5

Today, Quantum announced an enriched and simplified DXi®-Series deduplication family, including a new DXi6900 appliance, to serve as the foundation for next-generation data protection. The DXi6900 is powered by Quantum’s DXi software with StorNext 5 technology at its core to optimize performance, scalability and manageability for enterprises and service providers. When combined with Quantum’s Q-Cloud™ Protect services, the new DXi-Series enables customers to build data protection workflows that extend across sites and to the cloud. Check out Quantum’s Director of Product Marketing as he introduces the DXi6900 and talks about how Quantum’s latest DXi offering enables industry-leading scalability and faster backups,all while easing the strain on network bandwidth and reducing overall operating expenses (video).

Powered by Quantum: New Ways to Partner with Service Providers

It’s been exciting over the last year to see our revenue and work with Managed Service Providers grow – both as partners and as customers. There’s no doubt that the transition to the cloud is accelerating and by 2020 we expect at least 40% of data will touch the cloud during workflow. Already, many Enterprises are outsourcing their backup storage, DR storage, maybe even their entire infrastructure to these MSPs. With Quantum’s business as a specialist in scale-out storage and data protection, we’re gaining a better perspective and experience on the service provider business.

The Smarter Cloud for Media: More Than Compute and Storage

Got content? Then you need storage. Like the Gecko commercial says, “Everyone knows that.” But does everyone know what type of storage they really need? Do they really know what questions they should ask to avoid potential content workflow disasters? Get the answers to the right questions at the Creative Storage Conference.

Broadcast Asia Primer: Integrating 4K into Modern Workflows

In the weeks since NAB Quantum has seen incredible interest in these three solutions because they resonate with the pressing issues that many broadcasters and post-production facilities face. Take 4K as an example. Many organizations know that they will move to 4K but they are not yet ready to replace their legacy systems. With Quantum’s StorNext Pro 4K solution, broadcasters and post-production facilities can quickly launch a new 4K workflow or add 4K capabilities to an existing Xsan or StorNext deployment. When there is an opportunity to move 100% to 4K the Quantum StorNext Pro 4K solution will easily scale with them. To be sure, Quantum is not the only vendor that has announced support for 4K workflows. However, just because some vendors say that they support 4K are they truly up to the task?

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