The Unlikely Connection Between Winning Super Bowls and Improving Storage Appliances

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Potentially career limiting self-confession – I’m not a Patriot’s fan. Even after living in Boston for a number of years, I have yet to be in a situation where I have wanted the Patriots to win a single NFL football game. Perhaps it is my natural inclination to support those things in life categorized as challengers, or maybe it’s that by the time I moved to Boston, I already had made my choice of which NFL team I would remain loyal to through thick and thin. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure — no matter what accomplishment the Patriots achieve, I doubt my views will ever change.

However just because I’m opinionated doesn’t mean I’m incapable of giving credit where credit is due. Sunday night’s performance wasn’t pretty, nor was it perfect, but hat’s off to the Patriots for winning their sixth Super Bowl. An achievement that almost unbelievably puts them in the same category as the legendary Steelers for most NFL Super Bowl titles.

Of course, a multitude of factors influenced the Patriots ability to succeed at the very top echelon of professional football, but there is one, in particular, I appreciate more than any other, and it’s something I’ve come to increasingly understand that all ultra-high achievers have in common. That raw talent, no matter how much in abundance, is not enough. To truly succeed at the very top and really excel in such a highly competitive world, it takes relentless dedication to hard work and continuous improvement. Winning six Super Bowls is a testament to not only a very talented to team with excellent management but the work they must do day in and day out to stay at the top.

Today, Quantum is moving forward in the context of this same principle and is unveiling an important product enhancement that is the result of our engineers and product teams working tirelessly to improve on what is already recognized as one of the best platforms for storing, preserving and accessing massive volumes of rich media.

Now available with a new server architecture, our new Quantum Xcellis® high-performance shared storage appliances are available with dual 8-core Intel Xeon CPU’s, increased memory, SSD boot drives, and dual 100Gb Ethernet or 32 Gb Fibre Channel ports. That’s four additional CPU cores per node for metadata processing and the other data services like NAS, FlexSync, Storage Manager. And with 100Gb RDMA ready Ethernet, customers will be able to leverage huge performance increases that come with upgrading to these latest networking configurations.

Clearly achieving Super Bowls and improving storage platforms are not quite comparing apples to apples. The important point is that they are both achievements that resulted from a commitment to continuous improvement no matter what kind of leadership position one is already in. Never resting on your laurels is highly applicable to us all no matter what industry we are in, or level we are playing at.

To learn more about our new Xcellis high-performance shared storage, click here. Or contact us directly to find out more about how you can take advantage of this latest update to maximize your team’s productivity.

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