Questions About NVMe? Here’s A Great Guide to Get Started

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What exactly is NVMe?

NVMe stands for non-volatile memory express and is a new protocol designed to work specifically with Flash storage, so it’s incredibly fast and efficient. Most flash storage devices and flash arrays use older interfaces that were originally created for hard drives, like SAS and SATA. When NVMe was created, it was developed for flash so it’s a better fit than the older interfaces. With NVMe, every CPU-core can have its own command-queue and directly talk to the SSD. Taking NVMe one step further, NVMeoF allows for access of these devices over a network so flash resources can be shared.

What is Quantum’s role with NVMe?

As the leader in video storage, Quantum’s goal is to provide the highest performance storage platforms for streaming and editing large video files, as well as to offer customers the most comprehensive and coordinated access to this valuable content.  In modern media production, working with high-resolution, high-frame rate content is now common, so having a storage platform with these attributes is critical to allow media professionals to deliver the best possible finished products.  It is within this specific context that we are preparing to release our NVMe storage appliance.  With it, customers will be able to work in the most demanding environments in media today, while at the same time being able to leverage all the benefits of StorNext.

How do I know if NVMe is right for my team?

NVMe is a great fit for organizations that need to access large volumes of video content for real-time editing or to handle multiple streams of compressed video, both of which are typical in modern post-production environments. As Quantum’s NVMe product was purposefully designed for these types of video and rich media use cases, it can increase your team’s productivity and help meet even the shortest deadlines.

What are the key benefits of NVMe?

Although there are several benefits of using NVMe based storage platforms, a few significant ones stand out from the rest.  One of the most notable is the high-performance NVMe offers – with single client uncached streaming surpassing 20 GB/s read and write performance.  Simultaneously, NVMe interfaces use less power, which dramatically increases the efficiencies of NVMe and lowers operational costs.

Taking this one step further, those organizations that implement NVMeoF can take advantage of the cost efficiency that is associated with all-IP workflows, yet not sacrifice performance.  No longer is Fibre Channel the only networking option available when high performance or low latency is required. So if you’re getting ready to upgrade your fiber channel or are looking to move to an all-IP workflow, NVMe can bring speed without those high costs.

Lastly, flash-based storage provides very high densities.  So operationally you’ll be able to get space back in your data center for other services or have room to scale for future needs.

With all the benefits and increased value NVMe can offer, we’re excited to talk about how we’re helping innovate best in class storage with NVMe technology.  For more information and to learn more, register for our webinar with TVTechnology here!

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