It’s so exciting to see today’s announcement that Quantum will be taking on a larger role in selling Dot Hill storage.  This is not just another storage channel deal – let me explain why.

The partnership of Quantum and Dot Hill began in workflow storage.  Quantum enjoys a unique position in the market in serving the needs of the most demanding workflow storage applications – from video production to surveillance, cybersecurity and research.   These applications have storage needs which are quite different from traditional corporate applications.  They need different solutions.

In the corporate datacenter, the primary imperative for storage is to deliver system-level performance.  Most traditional applications need storage to operate with the highest possible iops on many small, predictably-sized files.  The goal is to build a storage infrastructure which can deliver the highest performance and availability at the macro-level for the entire system of data – like a very efficient standardized assembly line.   These systems are designed and tuned for storage macroeconomics.

By contrast, in the world of workflow storage (e.g. streaming data), the primary goal is to provide performance and availability for each individual file.  The files in this market are unstructured, with a much wider range of file sizes (MB to TB).   Storage solutions must deal with this unpredictability on the fly, while still delivering 100% consistent high performance, individual file availability, and lowest possible cost.  File-level performance is the imperative.  This is storage microeconomics; and it demands that storage be much more adaptive – capable of addressing the availability and performance of each individual file.  If traditional data center storage is like an assembly line, these systems are like craftsmen – customizing the experience on the fly for each unique data object.

Quantum’s StorNext 5 architecture is designed for this challenging use case – and when Quantum went looking for a disk partner for our top tier appliances in 2013, we discovered that Dot Hill storage was too.  Without dragging you into too much detail, Dot Hill has proprietary technology built into their storage controllers that uniquely manages unpredictable files– and so it was a perfect match for StorNext 5.

Because the StorNext 5 appliances are the best in the industry at delivering this value, Quantum has enjoyed rapid growth in the workflow storage market, whether you measure this in customer adoption, capacity shipped or revenue. Customers have made StorNext 5 appliances the de-facto standard for 4K and 8K video production. Over 25 PB of the newest member of the storage family, the Quantum QXS-5600, has been shipped in just the past 4 months specifically for these types of workflows.  As of December 31, 2014,  the workflow storage business had grown more than 70% year-over-year in revenue, with over 130% growth in the Media & Entertainment and Corporate Video segment – and the prospects look even brighter for the future.  The partnership between the two companies is delivering value to our customers, our partners and our stockholders.  Quantum sincerely appreciates the support we’ve gotten from Dot Hill.

And with this success, both companies have noticed that there are adjacent markets and customer needs where tighter collaboration between us—leveraging the technology of Dot Hill and the technology and channel reach of Quantum—can deliver broader value to our customers and partners.  Which brings me to the announcement today:  Quantum is becoming the branded face of Dot Hill storage.  Look for even better things to come…

Want to Learn More About StorNext 5 and Workflow Storage?

Let Alex Grossman, StorNext’s VP of Media & Entertainment, explain “end-to-end” workflow storage.

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