If you are a space buff or environmentalist you may have heard of Copernicus, an ambitious Earth observation program whose goal is to help understand and address the effects of climate change. Headed by the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA), Copernicus establishes a unified system through which vast amounts of sensor data are captured, preserved, and analyzed—ultimately leading to smarter environmental policy decisions.

As part of Copernicus, ESA is developing the Sentinel family of satellites, including Sentinel-3 which will accurately measure sea-surface topography, sea and land temperatures, and ocean and land optical radiometry (which characterizes the distribution of radiation’s power in space.) ESA selected ACRI-ST, a space agency partner specializing in remote sensing and modeling, to host and operate the Sentinel-3 Processing and Archiving Center. Based in France, ACRI-ST provides satellite mission solutions, including simulations and environmental forecast prototyping, and operates environmental data centers that provide vital decision-making support to public agencies and local authorities.

To manage and preserve the massive amount of valuable sensor data collected by Sentinel-3, ACRI-ST chose a Quantum StorNext 5 scale-out storage system. StorNext is a proven, cost-effective choice for these types of hard data management challenges that require scale, speed, and sharing.

“Providing quick and collaborative access to the various datasets for our users while also cost effectively protecting and preserving this precious scientific content for frequent re-use over time is crucial for our business. Quantum’s StorNext 5 was a natural choice for us to maintain secure, fast access to the new data and preserve this content for mankind in the decades to come.”

– Gilbert Barrot, CIO, ACRI-ST.

For more details, you can read the press release. Or if you belong to the school of “a picture speaks a thousand words”, here’s an ACRI-ST image of chlorophyll concentration.

Read more about how Quantum StorNext helps customers like ACRI-ST and NASA handle some of the most demanding workflows in the geospatial world.

Quantum StorNext ACRI-ST Data Management
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