L ast week the Active Archive Alliance announced the availability of a report titled “Active Archive and the State of the Industry”.  The report is primarily an educational piece, explaining the data growth challenge IT organizations are facing today, and then defining archive characteristics, showing how active archives are implemented and illustrating the resulting benefits.

The fact that we’re releasing such an educational report speaks clearly about the state of the industry. Similarly a blog by Mark Pastor discusses how the word archive might just be the most misunderstood term in the storage industry. The good news is that solutions now exist that enable companies to retain more content for longer periods of time, providing content owners with direct access to their files at any time, while reducing overall operational and capital expenses.

Organizations understand they have a problem and are actively seeking solutions. A good example is a solution Quantum recently deployed at a major Ivy League University. The University was struggling with rapid data growth – one particular department was at a breaking point but all departments were being stressed. Budgets would not allow the IT team to continue more of the same; they had to do something different. This is not an unusual problem for many institutions. Where the university team first went for a solution isn’t unusual either – they looked at a public cloud solution. In the end, the customer saved 75% by implementing a multi-petabyte private cloud archive solution rather than a public cloud alternative.

Check out our recent webinar, available on-demand, titled “Archive Redefined: Intelligent, Accessible & Cloud Ready” to see archive solutions in a variety of other industries.

Storage problems are widespread and well documented, driven by the rapid growth of unstructured data. I like the fact that the Active Archive Alliance has ramped up its educational outreach with the new report along with its upcoming webinar series. The IT industry needs to learn about these new solutions available to help solve one of its most significant challenges.

For more information, learn more at www.quantum.com/archive.

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  • Greg Katz

    The active archive story that Quantum promotes becomes even more compelling as customers complete the financial analysis of using a public cloud solution. These public cloud solutions appear to be inexpensive on a $0.xx/GB level, but once the financials are completed, to account for not just placing data in the cloud, but in satisfying restore requests, will it become apparent that Quantum’s active archive reference architecture becomes a compelling and more valuable solution for archive use case customers.

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