W hen we set out to do a lab validation of the Artico active archive appliance with industry analyst ESG, it felt like we were entering somewhat uncharted territory. We’ve done plenty of lab validations with ESG before – primarily with various models of DXi – but Artico is a different animal, it occupies a different place in the data center, and it breaks with so many traditional approaches to data archive, we had to wonder if ESG would “get it.”

Artico is Quantum’s response to a sea change in the way data is generated and used.  Archive is no longer the place where data goes to die – it’s where data goes to live. Artico addresses the fact that more and more data is “unstructured,” holding increasing but uncertain potential value for future use, and that the place where data resides – whether it’s tape, object storage or cloud repositories – is largely irrelevant to the end user. What matters is that the potential value of the data is preserved in the most cost-effective way until it is needed, and the data is accessible when it is needed.

One word that kept coming up as we negotiated the testing procedures was “workflow” –  the orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity that depends on data access, protection and preservation. It’s not a new term, but it’s not something people often associate with the static world of archive. Artico’s value comes in the way it supports an endless variety of data workflows, and we wanted ESG’s testing to bring that term to life.

ESG lab explored a number of Artico capabilities:

  • Configurability: Was it easy to configure to provide a multi-tier target that’s widely accessible to users?
  • Management: Does StorNext Connect provide sufficient access to Artico from desktops and mobile devices for activities like installation, system status check, management, control and visibility?
  • Policy Creation: Could the policy engine configure complete, granular control over data behavior, protection and security?
  • Performance: Could Artico execute tiering policies to provide quick access to data on faster media when needed, and keep less active data on less costly media when latency is less of an issue? This capability is core to Artico’s value.

After the lab work, ESG Senior Lab Analyst Tony Palmer commented, “Artico’s standard NAS interface makes it easy for users and applications to archive and retrieve data on demand, while providing significant savings in time, effort, and cost by automatically integrating a self-protecting archive into existing workflows.”  Sounds like Tony definitely “gets it.”


To read the complete lab validation or view a video, visit:  www.quantum.com/esglabartico. And to see how an Ivy League University saves 75% with a private cloud archive using Artico: http://www.quantum.com/customerstories/ivyleague/index.aspx

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