W hen we received word that Storage Magazine had named Artico as a finalist to its 2015 Product of the Year Awards in the Backup Hardware category, it opened a bit of an existential debate. Backup Hardware? Isn’t there a more appropriate category for an NAS appliance designed to provide intelligent tiering to optimize performance and cost of archive storage? Apparently not, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. We knew at introduction that Artico was carving out a unique niche that takes a fresh approach to data retention and accessibility.

A fresh approach is exactly what the market has needed to contend with exponential data growth. Keeping data on primary storage is cost prohibitive, but the new paradigm demands availability. Powered by StorNext 5 data management policies, Artico offers a tiered approach to storage,  intelligently directing  data to the right storage media every time, taking the guess work out of achieving the best balance of performance and cost for storing, accessing and protecting data.

Artico balances storage use between high-performance disk and more cost-effective storage tiers including tape, object storage and cloud, while keeping files accessible, ultimately allowing users to increase their productivity while dramatically reducing their overall storage costs.  Not only does Artico provide intelligent tiering to balance performance and cost, but equally important is how it delivers simple, easy NAS connectivity to all of these storage tiers.

Artico enables storage efficiencies that are compelling for workgroups of all sizes. It stands out in its product category by providing a flexible, low-cost entry point for archive, with the ability to scale to petabytes of data as demand grows. Because its intelligent data movement capabilities support LTO tape, LTFS, object storage and cloud archive targets, Artico enables users to balance data access with storage TCO.

So it may take while before the magazines treat Artico’s extended online storage as its own category. Meanwhile, Storage Magazine offers a measure of validation to Artico’s approach – the award committee includes a panel of industry experts, and the award submission includes customer references. We issued our press release about it today. They’ll announce the winners in February.

For information about the Artico NAS archive solution, visit www.quantum.com/artico.

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