Andrew Mortemore
For the past 3 years Andrew’s focus has been on building out a new vertical market for Automotive and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) development at Quantum. In 2015, Andrew recognized a major shift taking place in this space. AV development would create a massive surge in data generation with organizations going from triple-digit terabytes to triple-digit petabytes and exabytes in a short time frame, that would lead to a number of functional and economical challenges to organizations. With experience in dealing with hyper-scale and complex data environments, Andrew recognized a number of solvable, data-related challenges that AV development organizations would face including; collecting data in vehicles, ingesting that data, global access strategies, determining what data is valuable, accessing large amounts of data quickly in HIL/SIL environments, and strategies to make it economically feasible to maintain massive more amounts of data for longer periods of time.