Dan Duperron
Dan Duperron is a Principal Technical Advisor for Quantum. With over 20 years of experience in IT, data storage and backup, Dan is responsible for global sales enablement and works in conjunction with product engineering, product marketing, and product management teams.

Want More Funk in Your Splunk? Keep More Junk in Your Trunk.

Collection and analysis of large data sets is perennially hot. Remember Data Warehouses? ‘Big Data’ is just the latest buzzword for this trend. Admit it - it’s an alluring vision. Supposedly just save enough data and apply the right tools, and insight (and money) will rain from the clouds. Though frequently clothed in breathless hype, there is a kernel of truth here. You can find insight in rivers of data if you have the right tools. Organizations across a range of industries are successfully capturing and analyzing oceans of machine- and sensor-generated data with Splunk.

How Do We Go So Fast? Quantum’s Ingest Rates Explained

As my colleague Terry Grulke pointed out earlier, there is lot of funny math used by deduplication vendors to try to convince you that their system can go fast. With our DXi systems we don’t have to hire Cirque de Soleil to generate our performance numbers. We can keep it simple because DXi systems are just really, really fast – natively. That’s what I’m going to talk here about here – “Native” performance. That is, the capability of the DXi system itself vs. some manufactured “logical” number like the ones Terry wrote about. Apparently, our high performance is confusing to some of our competitors.