Jason Kranitz, VP of Sales | Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. (IMT)
Jason Kranitz is VP of Sales and a Co-Founder of Integrated Media Technologies. IMT specializes in providing business consulting and TCO models for private, hybrid, and public cloud workflow solutions. Jason provides opinion and insight on technology’s impact on the media & entertainment market and is a regular guest blogger for Quantum.

Public Cloud: Now Compatible with M&E Workflows

As ubiquitous as the cloud is today, it has taken time to get there. Even in enterprise IT, you wouldn’t characterize the adoption of cloud services as universal and all-encompassing. Functions that seem obvious and mundane like cloud-based IT storage backup and cloud-based virtualized software development went through periods of careful ROI analysis. So it is with cloud for media and entertainment. If you feel like you’re behind the curve in leveraging cloud in your M&E operations, you’re not alone and it comes down to two factors: ecosystem and workflow.