Jon Gacek
Jon Gacek is the President and CEO of Quantum. Jon previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Quantum as well as Quantum's Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President.

Celebrating Quantum’s 35th Anniversary

Yesterday was an exciting day for Quantum. We had the honor of ringing the Closing Bell® on the New York Stock Exchange to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the company’s founding. It was a great feeling to represent the entire Quantum team as we marked this significant milestone and looked forward to building on our rich heritage. The company has changed significantly over the years, but here are 4 areas that have remained constant.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Points

Video has long been a staple of sports—it’s used for scouting, game prep, recruiting and promotion, as well as broadcasting—but two factors are making it different now. One is the technology for analyzing what’s on video. One of the biggest trends in sports is motion analysis, which combines special analytics applications and video to help players improve their performance by breaking down and evaluating their movements. In addition to motion analysis technology, there are also now programs that can comb through years of footage to find trends based on very sophisticated variables—specific players, coaches, and situations—and extract clips to let coaches and players analyze tendencies and put together a game plan.

Tape’s Got Game

I read a good article in SearchDataBackup recently on an interview Sarah Wilson conducted with Jon Toigo on LTFS (Linear Tape File System). LTFS is an open standard technology that allows you to use tape like NAS – drag and drop files to and from the tape, quickly access them from a directory on your screen, easily exchange them between different operating systems and software, etc. The interview provides a good overview of LTFS and where it’s being used, and he also shoots down some of the misconceptions about tape that I often hear.

reTHINK Backup and Archive

As the volume of data has increased, there has been a shift in the way that companies use and access that data. That means it’s time to change the way you think about data protection, retention, and accessibility. Organizations of all sizes recognize that data can help gain competitive advantages and even support new revenue streams, but this is placing a demand on IT to store and preserve access to that data. Companies need new solutions and technologies to support unpredictable, on-demand access and incorporate new approaches to backup and archiving. It’s time to reTHINK Backup & Archive.

Taking the Fight to a Patent Troll

A federal jury in Seattle recently ruled for Microsoft in a patent dispute with Google’s Motorola Mobility division, closing off a summer in which patents have been a hot topic. The continuing Apple-Samsung battle has attracted a lot of attention, and President Obama’s proposals for cracking down on patent trolls are being followed closely in the technology, legal and VC communities. It’s the issue of patent trolls that I want to focus on here. These are companies that exist solely for the purpose of buying patents and then suing others for infringing on “their” technology. A few months ago, Quantum had a resounding legal victory against a patent troll, and it’s a good example of how absurd these lawsuits can be.

Maximizing Data Value: Risk vs. Reward

A few weeks ago I wrote about moderating a discussion with IT execs on maximizing data’s value. One of the things that had struck me was the issue of risk vs. reward, specifically the tension between cost and security concerns (risk) that arise from storing and sharing more and more data and the benefits from unlocking the value of data (reward). Today I wanted to expand on this. Risk vs. reward certainly isn’t a new issue for IT, which has been wrestling with it in one way or another for decades. What’s different now is that the opportunities to leverage data strategically and the potential rewards from doing so are significantly greater.

Maximizing Data Value: Different Approaches, Common Storage Challenges

One of the best parts of my job is talking with customers.  It really helps keep Quantum aiming its solutions at the most important problems.   So I jumped at the recent chance to moderate a discussion of 25 IT execs at the Northwest CIO Executive Summit in Seattle, which is also home for me.   The topic was […]