Jim Simon
As VP Channel & Field Marketing, Jim is responsible for the development and strategic management of end-user and channel marketing initiatives.

Broadcast Asia Primer: Integrating 4K into Modern Workflows

In the weeks since NAB Quantum has seen incredible interest in these three solutions because they resonate with the pressing issues that many broadcasters and post-production facilities face. Take 4K as an example. Many organizations know that they will move to 4K but they are not yet ready to replace their legacy systems. With Quantum’s StorNext Pro 4K solution, broadcasters and post-production facilities can quickly launch a new 4K workflow or add 4K capabilities to an existing Xsan or StorNext deployment. When there is an opportunity to move 100% to 4K the Quantum StorNext Pro 4K solution will easily scale with them. To be sure, Quantum is not the only vendor that has announced support for 4K workflows. However, just because some vendors say that they support 4K are they truly up to the task?