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The Evolution of Sports Broadcasting

What industry has the most demanding workflow? There are some good contenders, and Sports Broadcasting is among the heavyweights. Capturing the drama and excitement of live sports has become the ultimate high-wire act in modern television production. Consider the pressures of covering a live event with no second takes, millions of highly discriminating and knowledgeable customers scrutinizing your every move, and that every play has the potential to make history. Take a look at the "Evolution of Sports Broadcasting" and see for yourself where the future of the industry is headed.

CRN Channel Chiefs for 2015: Quantum’s Steve Burrows and Andy Brinck

For the 2nd year in a row CRN recognized Quantum's Steve Burrows, VP of America Channel Sales, as a who’s who of channel management; a leader who's heading up a Partner program that solution providers depend on to run their businesses. This year CRN also recognized Quantum's Andy Brinck, Senior Director for Channel Sales. Steve and Andy have been instrumental in navigating new business models, technology shifts and making sure Quantum partners succeed. Read on for more information about Steve and Andy as well as their thoughts on channel sales, yearly goals and channel sales advice.

The Workflow Show with Quantum’s Alex Grossman and Skip Levens

Nick Gold and Jason Whetstone from Chesapeake Systems begin the third season of their popular audio podcast series with an in-depth, wide-ranging conversation with Quantum's Alex Grossman and Skip Levens. In this episode, the Workflow Show dives into Alex and Skip's driving passion that they have carried with them since their early days at Apple: To make storage - as it becomes ever more complicated - more flexible and seamless to today's video end-users.

Making Production Storage Easy & Efficient at Every Scale

Workflows are evolving as producers, large and small, are utilizing the full range of tools available to create compelling stories. Whether they're a post-production facility focused on motion design or a broadcaster delivering election results, collaboration and speed are core workflow requirements. The adoption of high resolution content has increased editorial flexibility, allowing visual effects and compositing teams to enrich the visual experience. At the same time, producers are managing a wider range of ingest sources, meaning editors have more content to draw upon. With all this increased complexity, storage solutions must meet demands for speed and capacity while remaining open and reliable.

Simplifying Deduplication with the DXi-Series Powered by StorNext 5

Today, Quantum announced an enriched and simplified DXi®-Series deduplication family, including a new DXi6900 appliance, to serve as the foundation for next-generation data protection. The DXi6900 is powered by Quantum’s DXi software with StorNext 5 technology at its core to optimize performance, scalability and manageability for enterprises and service providers. When combined with Quantum’s Q-Cloud™ Protect services, the new DXi-Series enables customers to build data protection workflows that extend across sites and to the cloud. Check out Quantum’s Director of Product Marketing as he introduces the DXi6900 and talks about how Quantum’s latest DXi offering enables industry-leading scalability and faster backups,all while easing the strain on network bandwidth and reducing overall operating expenses (video).

The Smarter Cloud for Media: More Than Compute and Storage

Got content? Then you need storage. Like the Gecko commercial says, “Everyone knows that.” But does everyone know what type of storage they really need? Do they really know what questions they should ask to avoid potential content workflow disasters? Get the answers to the right questions at the Creative Storage Conference.

Steve Burrows Recognized as a CRN Channel Chief for 2014

CRN recently recognized the who’s who of channel management – leaders who are heading up Partner programs that solution providers depend on to run their businesses. This year CRN profiled Steve Burrows, VP of America Channel Sales, for navigating new business models, technology shifts and making sure Quantum partners succeed. Read on for more information about Steve, his program and his channel goals and advice.

Worried About Data Vulnerability? You’re Not Alone

According to a recent survey of IT Managers by Quantum, one in four businesses have suffered a data security incident in the previous year. The survey also showed that 90 percent of IT Managers believe their organization’s data is vulnerable in the event of a disaster. Put these two statistics together and they paint an interesting picture (or infographic, to be exact). Based on the survey, you might conclude that IT Managers realize that data security threats are on the rise, and they are doing everything they can to protect their company’s data, resulting in only a 25 percent rate of incidents. On the other hand, the numbers don’t show how many incidents went unreported, and whether the organizations that avoided data security breaches are doing something right — or just got lucky.

NASCAR, Quantum, Telestream Awarded at IBC

On behalf of everyone at Quantum, we would like to offer sincere congratulations and a big high five to NASCAR for winning the prestigious IBC2012 Innovation Award in the Content Management category! Did you know that NASCAR events are broadcast to 150 countries? It’s not surprising that people around the world enjoy the fast-paced sport of auto racing, especially when it’s delivered in such a compelling fashion. With 18 high def cameras trackside and more cameras on board some of the cars, NASCAR goes to great lengths to make at-home audiences feel like they are part of the action.

VM Data Protection for Dummies: Quantum Special Edition

If you have questions about data protection for virtual machines, we invite you to download “VM Data Protection for Dummies, Quantum Special Edition.” This free e-book will help you identify your VM protection needs, ask the right questions of potential vendors, and choose the VM protection solution that’s right for your organization. The FAQ chapter covers 10 frequently asked questions about VM data protection, such as “How does VM backup work with deduplication appliances?” and “Do I have to choose between one of the new VM-only backup applications and my legacy backup software?”