We’re really excited for VMworld this week – once again one of the best opportunities to showcase our technologies and the ways that we are helping customers rethink how they protect VMware data, as well as other data types.

At VMworld, we’ll be talking about how “Backup is Busted.” What does that mean? Backup is Busted means that batch backup is not designed for protecting virtual servers, or other specialized, challenging data like large unstructured file content. When it comes to virtual servers and VMware data, we’ll be showcasing our vmPRO and DXi-V deduplication technology, which uses a unique approach to protecting VM’s. Rather than the traditional, network-and-resource intensive approach of doing batch backups in proprietary formats, vmPRO snaps VMs in native format, first prepping the VMs for maximum data reduction and network savings. vmPRO uses the native tools available in VMware, instead of treating VM’s like physical servers. This idea of protecting VM’s in native format, then using deduplication to reduce the data and efficiently replicate data across sites and to the cloud, has become an increasingly common approach toward protecting VM’s.

In fact, earlier in August we published a press release talking about how the University of San Diego is using vmPRO and DXi technology to do just that. Quantum’s variable-length deduplication technology continues to be particularly effective at protecting VM’s – with data reduction ratios of 50:1 or more not uncommon. And with our latest generation of DXi appliances, including our DXi-V series of virtual deduplication appliances, users have really scalable, simple to deploy options for creating a multi-site data protection workflow based on our deduplication technology. Finally, with our Q-Cloud Protect service, users can replicate to our cloud, and receive secure offsite storage for DR for pennies per GB per month.

But that’s not all – we’ll be showcasing all of our technologies at VMworld, including object-based cloud storage, our updated StorNext PRO solutions designed for large unstructured file content storage and management, and of course unique advancements in tape technology, still the lowest cost, lowest power storage for long term retention and archiving. So stop by our booth – we look forward to the conversations, and of course we’ll be giving away some good schwag.

Backup is Busted VMworld Quantum
Backup is Busted VMworld Quantum
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