At NAB, Quantum demonstrated three solutions that deliver optimized storage for modern digital workflows to drive higher levels of efficiency for broadcasters and post-production facilities:

• StorNext Pro Studio: designed to easily refresh or enhance existing Apple Xsan storage environments by providing a high-performance, scalable and 100 percent Xsan-compatible solution with 48 TB of storage capacity.

• StorNext Pro 4K: provides high-performance storage for both new and existing StorNext deployments to support demanding 4K media workflows.

• StorNext Pro Production: gives post and broadcast professionals a complete storage platform spanning content production to content library management.
The response was overwhelming with new records set for visitors to Quantum’s booth.

In the weeks since NAB Quantum has seen incredible interest in these three solutions because they resonate with the pressing issues that many broadcasters and post-production facilities face.

Take 4K as an example. Many organizations know that they will move to 4K but they are not yet ready to replace their legacy systems. With Quantum’s StorNext Pro 4K solution, broadcasters and post-production facilities can quickly launch a new 4K workflow or add 4K capabilities to an existing Xsan or StorNext deployment. When there is an opportunity to move 100% to 4K the Quantum StorNext Pro 4K solution will easily scale with them.
To be sure, Quantum is not the only vendor that has announced support for 4K workflows. However, just because some vendors say that they support 4K are they truly up to the task?

As Quantum’s senior product manager, Janet LaFleur noted:

“The dirty little secret is that it’s really hard to stream 4K content at this rate without dropping frames on a shared storage system, so some workflow storage vendors are reverting back to direct attached storage to support their 4K claims.” She continues, “that means that you’ll need to modify your workflow for 4K to download locally for edit instead of accessing directly from shared storage. Say goodbye to the collaborative environment that’s shortened your production cycles to meet the tight deadlines that drive this competitive industry.”

That’s not the case for StorNext by Quantum. StorNext has set the standard for high-performance with its shared storage solutions for decades. And now with the StorNext Pro 4K Solution built with the power of StorNext 5 and the speed of SSDs in its StorNext M445 SSD metadata appliance, you can stream 4K ProRes at 24 fps to four clients in a shared storage environment. No need to disrupt your workflow with tedious downloads and uploads to and from direct attached storage. And with StorNext Pro 4K Solution, you get the strength to stream 4K uncompressed at 24 fps for the ultimate quality in a complete 4K ingest-edit-deliver-archive workflow.

LaFleur offers sound advice: “When you hear storage vendors claim support for 4K workflows, your next questions should be: At what frame rate? With which 4K compression codec? From shared or local storage? The fine print might not have the sharpness and clarity you’d expect from a true 4K solution. Then come talk to us at Quantum and we’ll show you what an industry-standard, high-performance StorNext Pro 4K Solution can do for you.”

Broadcast Asia attendees are invited to meet with Quantum at booth #4A3-08. Or request a one to one meeting at

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