I f you live in the state of Texas and are involved in K-12 education then you should be aware of Senate Bill 507 (S.B. 507). This Bill, scheduled to roll out in the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, will require K-12 school districts in Texas to install audio/video monitoring equipment in any self-contained classroom in which special education services are provided to at least 50% of the students for at least 50% of the school day. School districts are required to store the video and audio data for a minimum of six months.

With the beginning of the 2016-17 school year quickly approaching, I decided to sit down with our in-house expert on this new law to help inform not only Texas school district IT professionals, but also all IT managers in education, because a similar mandate could have an impact on your district in the near future.

Alex Quinonez, Video Surveillance Specialist at Quantum and our resident expert on S.B. 507, shared with me a project he is currently working on with an ISD (independent school district) east of Houston. Read below to learn how this ISD is meeting the requirements of S.B. 507 and overcoming their challenges with an end-to-end surveillance solution.


The Requirements:

  • Deploy new audio and video in all classrooms and hallways where special needs student reside. Approximately 80-100 cameras needed for 35 schools.
  • Surveillance system to be separate from current system due to privacy compliancy.
  • Store data (approximately 500TB based on requirements) for at least 6 months.


The Challenges:

  • Funding: S.B. 507 is an unfunded bill which requires school districts to find the funds themselves to meet compliancy.
  • Scalability: In an effort to think beyond the next few years, this particular school district wants to implement a scalable solution to avoid additional costs in the future as technology advances and/or laws change.
  • Storage costs: They received quotes from multiple vendors in the range of $500,000 for 500TB of storage.


The Solution:

  • This particular school district is currently implementing 80-100 cameras (360 degree fish-eye with audio) across 35 schools utilizing VideoInsight as their VMS.
  • For storage, Quantum offered a multi-tier storage solution that provides scalability without compromising performance or retention requirements for 80% less than what other vendors were quoting.
    How are we able to save this ISD so much money?
    Quantum’s storage solution offers the ability to automatically tier data over time from one type of storage to another, based on policies put in place by the customer. Tiering empowers the movement of less-frequently used data to the most cost-effective storage with best-in-class data integrity while providing immediate access no matter what tier of storage your video resides.


Having the ability to quickly deploy a solution that meets the compliance requirements of S.B. 507 is critical. To learn more about how this law might affect your school district and what type of end-to-end surveillance solution is required to meet compliance, join us for our upcoming webinar—Classroom Surveillance: What You Need to Know about S.B. 507.

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