With the introduction of cloud there has been a lot of talk, including jokes about how one can get started in the cloud.  We see customers all the time trying to figure out what they can do from a cloud strategy perspective and how this will impact (positively or negatively) their current infrastructure, mainly around budgets.  Cloud certainly has the ability to provide some relief in terms of finances – allowing you and your team to focus on more strategic projects – so why not get started with using cloud technologies, particularly when it comes to backup.

Quantum recently announced a cloud based backup program for MSPs and VARs that delivers a number of fantastic benefits:

  • Minimal upfront costs for the MSP/VAR or end-user
  • Unique subscription based pricing allows costs to scale with revenue
  • Offer high margin BaaS for any sized organization
  • Take advantage of existing infrastructure using virtual dedupe appliance and backup software

So what’s this offering all about?

There are two main aspects: Technology and a unique capacity based licensing methodology.

Let’s talk about the technology. In Sept, we announced a big brother to our DXi V-Series of virtual dedupe appliances, the DXi V4000.  The DXi V4000 delivers high scalability, up to 360TB of logical storage in a single VM, without sacrificing any of the performance that the DXi is famous for.  Pushing the limits of a single VM with 4.9TB/hr ingest and scale of 360TB is foundational to this program for Quantum and the partner community.  You can’t have true DR without replication and here is where the DXi V-Series really shines.  The replication engine inside the DXi is truly the most efficient and secure replication engine available on the market today, particularly in high latency environments.  Since we are only sending over changed blocks, a high bandwidth WAN connection is not necessary.  With dedupe done at the end-users site(s), a local copy of the data is always accessible eliminating “in and out” charges associated with typical cloud protection services.  Finally, with the deployment of a virtual appliance, the DXi V4000 allows for seamless integration into existing environments, including physical or virtual data and any third party backup application.

The second aspect to this offering is the licensing and pricing methodology.  While I won’t go into specifics on this blog regarding pricing, I will tell you that the pricing is very compelling for our MSP and VAR community.  The approach that we took, given that this is an all-software offering, is to offer a capacity based licensing for the MSP which dramatically reduces the up-front capital expense typically associated with offering this type of service to customers.  With the delivery of the service being 100% software and 100% virtual, MSPs/VARs and even end-users are able to use their existing hardware, again, dramatically reducing up front capital expenses.

The final component to this offering is making it easy for MSPs/VARs to brand and market this service as their own.  Our marketing team has worked extremely hard to provide a “kit” for our partners that would include press release, web content, customer presentations, solution briefs, etc for those looking to take “Powered by Quantum” to their customers and beyond with their own label.

This offering is available today and we already have a number of providers delivering this to their customers with great success.  If you are a MSP/VAR and have interest in this program, I would encourage you to visit our website and get all the details.

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Learn more about Quantum’s MSP “Powered by Quantum” program. Check out www.quantum.com/serviceproviders

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