Since launching the DXi6900 in July, we’ve seen remarkable customer interest. It was one of the key drivers of the 11% year-over-year growth in DXi revenue we reported last quarter.

Now another data point showing how the DXi6900 and the entire DXi family stacks up against other deduplicating backup appliances has just been published. Industry analyst DCIG issued their annual buyer’s guide on the topic and the DXi6900 earned a “recommended” rating, with just .45 points separating it from the top spot in a field of 47 offerings from 10 companies. In fact, DXi appliances took 3 of the top 6 spots in the list. Storage Newsletter published the top rankings which you can read here.

Having been part of the RFI response, it’s gratifying to see DXi appliances rate so highly on a wide range of criteria. A couple of observations:

  • I found it noteworthy that virtual dedupe appliances such as the DXi V-Series are still rare today, but increasingly recognized as vital, particularly for organizations virtualizing small and remote offices.
  • The capacity on demand approach to scalability enables Quantum to offer customers a simplified product line for easier purchase planning, which becomes more evident when viewed against the backdrop of the entire array of choices in deduplication.
  • Public storage cloud connectivity is becoming increasingly important as a deduplication evaluation criteria.

For more reading, the DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide is available to subscribers of the DCIG Analysis Portal (registration and password required).

If you’re more interested in real world customer experiences for deduplication, you’ll want to read Charlie Babcock’s recent profile of The Salvation Army in Information Week.  Charlie describes how The Salvation Army is working with Quantum partner Hipskind Technology to use DXi as part of their QSafe cloud DR solution, and getting great results.  In addition, Bernadette Wilson offers more of Hipskind’s MSP perspective on their implementation for The Salvation Army in Business Solutions.

Hipskind and The Salvation Army: Cloud Services Powered by DXi

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