I t used to be Mick Jagger and the Stones singing “Satisfaction” — now it’s Adam Levine and Maroon 5 singing “Moves Like Jagger.” This is an example of how things change but always come back around.

Now storage is once again an issue in IT.

At the start of this decade, everyone thought that all the problems in storage were solved — just keep adding capacity to keep up with the unrelenting data growth. Now server and desktop virtualization are widely used, which solved the desktop and server sprawl, and saved IT organizations tons of time and money — but it moved the IT issue back down to storage. Storage utilization was quickly transformed from predictable, to predictably changing, to unpredictably random. Your virtualization environments are only as good as your storage. Traditional disk-based storage couldn’t keep up and became the bottleneck.

Let’s look at how organizations access and use data.  At any given time, an organization is using only about 8% of its data — this probably mirrors how you work, using only 8% of the data you have access to. It would stand to reason that a perfect storage system would always have 8% of the data you need immediately available (read expensive storage), and the remaining 92% inactive data on inexpensive near-line storage with built-in intelligence to move the data based on your usage. The perfect storage system would also have the capability to expand seamlessly to keep up with that unrelenting data growth mentioned earlier.  And it would do this at a reasonable cost, since no one has an infinite budget.

Enter Quantum QXS hybrid storage — a storage system that optimizes capacity and performance. QXS hybrid storage has real-time, automatic intelligent tiering that moves the “hot data” you’re using every 5 seconds to the SSDs in the storage system with the rest of the data on near-line storage. QXS storage arrays can seamlessly grow to keep up with your data needs, and are ruggedized so you can always be up and running.

If you’re at Cisco Live, visit us at booth 1645 to see how Quantum QXS hybrid storage can deliver 90% of the performance of an all-flash array at 30% of the cost. We’ll answer any questions you might have, and you can enter to win an Apple Watch.

For more information, visit www.quantum.com/hybridstorage.

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