IFSEC International, Europe’s largest security exhibition, welcomes over 27,000 global security professionals to experience the latest technological innovations and hear from industry leaders within the security industry.

A popular topic at the Quantum booth this year was increased storage demands for modern surveillance technology. The surveillance community is quick to point out the need for smarter data management with higher performance demands for analytics.

The IFSEC show floor was swarming with the latest and greatest analytics vendors, showing attendees that analytics also contribute to higher performance and longer video retention.  Smart analytics become smarter by analyzing data over longer periods of time to establish predictive intelligence.

IFSEC highlighted the massive influx of new analytics platforms for video-based intelligence requiring advanced processing and data management to keep up with technological innovation. It is exciting to realize that those new to the Quantum story quickly understand our value, flexibility, differentiation, and ability to keep up with advanced technology trends.

The Quantum booth was buzzing with excitement as we discussed the concept of a video surveillance workflow powered by StorNext 5 for all surveillance architecture types: fixed, mobile, and gateway. I’m pleased to report that StorNext continues to produce the same eureka moment response after nearly 20 years on the market for the intelligence, security, surveillance, and reconnaissance community.

StorNext Solutions for video surveillance provide:

  • Unparalleled reliability and patented performance tuning based on VMS application I/O characterization
  • Transparent access for VMS and other workflow applications
  • Policy-based tiering that automatically moves content to the most cost-effective storage
  • Scale-out storage infrastructure that allows for virtually unlimited storage capacity

Live from IFSEC International 2016, Wayne Arvidson explains how Quantum’s StorNext 5 file system provides the ”new foundation” for big data generated by video surveillance. Watch Now

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