Content production had never been a simple process, but the number of moving parts and scale involved has grown to global proportions. Even a low-budget film might shoot in the rainforest in Costa Rica, edit in Vancouver, add visual effects in Korea, color-correct in Toronto, and finish in Hollywood. At the same time, there’s more pressure to transcode and deliver content worldwide on more platforms that ever before. All of this without the added complexity of making and transmitting duplicate copies between remote teams.

That’s where cutting edge storage technologies and workflow automation tools head to the cloud with StorNext in the Cloud. StorNext in the Cloud lets you use the same workflows you use today, but now you and your team can work remotely, sharing content stored on Quantum’s Lattus object storage with all the scalability, flexibility and security you need, automatically managed byStorNext Storage Manager. With a StorNext and Lattus cloud-based workflow there’s no need to integrate your workflow into a cloud that’s not built for media. Instead, you can keep using the tools from the broad ecosystem of StorNext solution partners.

For the NAB Show, we’ve built a StorNext in the Cloud demo integrated with three best-of-breed solutions from our broad set StorNext partner ecosystem partners: Adobe Anywhere for collaboration, Reach Engine for production automation, and Telestream for video transcoding.

  • Adobe Anywhere allows remotely connected users to upload or even edit source files on the StorNext in the Cloud system, even over lower bandwidth connections.
  • Reach Engine is integrated with Adobe tools such as Adobe Premiere to make sure that editors don’t even need to leave the Adobe Premiere to add assets to an editing timeline.
  • When editing is complete – even if done by a remote workgroup –Telestream transcode servers can render it directly, further accelerating its delivery to multiple targets.

All these solutions rest upon the StorNext and Lattus storage platform which scalably and securely manages all the content uploaded, edited, transcoded and delivered from cloud.

To make all this possible at the NAB Show we’ve partnered with the Switch SUPERNAP data center to take full advantage of its highly secure, extreme performance and almost unlimited bandwidth data center on the outskirts of Las Vegas. If you’re at NAB, we’d like to show you how StoNext in the Cloud can fit into your workflow. Stop by Quantum booth in the South Lower Hall, #SL08416.

Las Vegas
Las VegasA fast moving show at NAB!
The StorNext by Quantum Booth
The StorNext by Quantum BoothGeoff Stedman, SVP of StorNext, giving an interview at the booth in front of our 36 ft wall of video.
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