Whether it’s adding search and edit capabilities for captions and subtitles, enhancing chat and messaging modules, or publishing directly to Facebook and Twitter, Quantum partner Dalet is continuously working to streamline the content creation process with their media asset management (MAM) solutions. Quantum StorNext is tightly integrated with Dalet MAM solutions to further streamline workflows by seamlessly and automatically moving assets between disk, tape, object storage and cloud resources. Today, we’re sharing what’s new with Dalet and what they’ll be showing at IBC.

Earlier this year, at NAB Show, Dalet announced the combination of our Workflow Engine, including the Business Process Model & Notation (BPMN) 2.0-compliant workflow designer, and our Dalet AmberFin media processing platform. Now generally available in the AmberFin v11 release, we’ll be demonstrating how customers are using this system to design, automate and monitor their media transcode and QC workflows, in mission-critical multiplatform distribution operations

Talking of multi-platform distribution, our Dalet Galaxy media asset management now has the capability to publish directly to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter while the new Media Packages feature simplifies the management of complex assets enabling users to see all of the elements associated with a specific asset, such as different episodes, promos etc., visually mapped out in a clear and simple way.

Making things simple is somewhat of a theme for Dalet at IBC this year. Making ingest really easy for users of Adobe Premier, the new Adobe Panel for Dalet Brio enables users to start, stop, monitor, quality check and ingest directly from the Adobe Premiere Pro interface with new recordings brought directly into the edit bin.

We’ll also be demonstrating the newly redesigned chat and messaging module in Dalet Galaxy, Dalet WebSpace and the Dalet On-the-Go mobile application, the modern, and familiar, chat interface has support for persistent chats, group chats, messaging offline users and much more.

Streamlining Content Creation Dalet Quantum StorNext

Legislation and consolidation of workflows mean that captioning and subtitling are a common challenge for many facilities. We are directly addressing that challenge with a standards-based cross-platform strategy for the handling of captioning workflow across Dalet Galaxy, Dalet Brio and Dalet AmberFin. With the ability to read and write standards-constrained TTML, caption and subtitle data is searchable and editable inside the Dalet Galaxy MAM while Dalet Brio is able to capture caption- and subtitle-containing ancillary data packets to disk and play them back. Dalet AmberFin natively supports the extraction and insertion of subtitle and caption data to and .SCC and .STL formats respectively, while tight integration with other vendors extends support for other vendors.

There are so many other exciting new features I could talk about, but it’s probably best to see them for yourself “live” in Amsterdam. Of course, if you’re not going to the show, you can always get the latest be subscribing to the Dalet blog, or get in touch with you local representative to get more information.

Register for the Dalet & Quantum Social Event at IBC

Dalet and Quantum invite you to our joint social event at IBC 2015 on the Dalet stand 8.B77, on Saturday, September 12th starting 5PM.

Drinks & appetizers will be served after a technology presentation by Alex Grossman, Quantum VP M&E. A brand new GoPro Hero® 4 will be given away too! Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn more about how Dalet and Quantum work together, as well as to spend quality time networking with your industry peers after a long day on the showfloor.

Dalet Quantum StorNext Social Event IBC
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