In a recent TechTarget article Evaluator Group consultant Randy Kerns outlined four great approaches to help customers assure that they meet those backup windows. I’d like to add one more: get the static data out of your backups!

Chances are, if you are having backup window problems, your issue is caused by large unstructured data. Among that mass of unstructured data that is making backup difficult, you are likely to find an increasing amount of data that never changes. Every time your backup product walks the system to take a full backup, it is discovering, processing (and may even be copying) the same files over and over again.

This static data pool likely includes a rapidly growing amount of video and images. Industry analysts have observed that by the year 2020, a full 50% of the data passing over the network (and stored somewhere) is going to be video and images.

This matters because video and images have several characteristics that make them especially problematic for data protection:

• The files tend to be the largest of the large, using lots of resources to move and store them
• The files are not compressible; and in general, not de-dupable – if you try, you will likely end up with LARGER files as a result



This latter characteristic has a double-whammy: when you run them through your compression or dedupe engine, you aren’t getting the usual network and storage benefit PLUS you are actually spending large amounts of machine resources trying to process all this data for no benefit!

With this issue in mind, I strongly suggest you look at the composition of your unstructured data to see what data has snuck in. If you don’t have a good set of tools for visualizing this, call your Quantum regional sales manager, who can arrange an analysis, and provide you with a report. If you want, he/she can then also tell you about some easy archiving software you can install to migrate this data OUT of your active data pool (to lower cost disk or tape), which will get it out of your backup data process. You’ll save money on backup AND on primary data storage, AND you’ll have fewer problems completing your backups on time!

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Quantum Meeting Backup Windows
Instead of treating all data the same, the new archive workflow removes unstructured data from primary storage and moves it out of the backup process onto its own storage tier and workflow. The new archive workflow not only enables business growth by making data more accessible for a longer period of time, but it can also reduce storage costs up to 70 percent.
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