In Newtonian mechanics, momentum has a direction as a well as magnitude.  If Newton was correct, and I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that to be the case, then the Powered by Quantum MSP Program has momentum, with positive direction and high magnitude.  Over the past couple of weeks, Quantum has successfully created partnerships with a number of MSPs that deliver their own cloud backup service powered by Quantum technology. Just this month we added two new MSPs to the roster, Elanity Network Partner and Interconnekt.  These partners, scattered across the globe, have recognized the benefits that Quantum solutions can bring to not only their customers but also to their bottom line.

Cloud is certainly front and center for a lot of the industry. Not an earth shattering statement, I know. There are a lot of technology providers offering cloud based services and what I find really exciting, and quite frankly, what is driving a lot of interest in the Powered by Quantum MSP program, is our ability to help customers knock down the barriers to utilizing the cloud.  Most IT pros understand the benefits that the cloud can provide them and their organization but what is keeping them from adopting the cloud?

Most analysts would agree that for businesses the two biggest barriers to the cloud (particularly public clouds) are performance and security challenges.  With the Powered by Quantum program, those two barriers can be overcome easily and quickly.  By using the best in dedupe technology and most efficient replication engines available in the DXi V-Series, customers will be able to have a full local copy for ultra fast restores, replicate only changed blocks over the WAN, but also will be able to limit their storage requirements in the cloud because of dedupe.  You combine that with military grade encryption locally, while replicating to the cloud and when the data is in the cloud, customers take notice that the Powered by Quantum solution is the only way to backup and DR in the cloud.

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In January we awarded our first US MSP Partner of the Year Award to Hipskind Technology Solutions Group. Based in Chicago,  Hipskind is a blueprint for the Powered by Quantum MSP program in the US by delivering tremendous, fast and sustained growth with their Q-Safe Backup-as-a-Service offering using Quantum DXi and vmPRO technologies.  Customers of Hipskind take advantage of their award winning customer service as well as a unique, secure and cost effective hybrid cloud approach to data protection using on premise DXi and a copy in the Hipskind cloud.  Congratulations to Steve Hipskind and team!  We look forward to your team’s efforts in the coming year.

With so much momentum happening around the MSP Program, I am extremely proud and excited to be a part of the technology and programs we’re creating.

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