Originally published on CivSource Online.com

It can take weeks to months to detect that a cybersecurity breach has occurred, and according to Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report, that gap is widening. Quantum has announced a joint offering with FireEye to help government agencies address the growing challenge of storing growing volumes of network traffic in order to pinpoint where, when and how a breach occurred, even if it occurred months ago.

“We know today the overwhelming majority of organizations have some malicious code in their networks.”

– Tim Sullivan, vice president, Enterprise Forensics, FireEye.

The joint FireEye-Quantum solution utilizes the FireEye Network Forensics Platform to capture, index and store connection and packet information at up to 30 million packets per second. Examining full packet data allows investigators to understand attackers’ tools, techniques and procedures, enabling them to improve their network defenses and assist others via threat intelligence sharing.