Via IT Business Edge.

Besides knowing that they’ll need more than they have on hand now, most IT organizations are not all that sure how much backup space they’re going to need in the future. As part of an effort to make it easier for IT organizations to add backup capacity as required, Quantum today unveiled a disk-based system that enables customers to add 17TB modules as needed.

Aimed at midrange IT organizations, Casey Burns, head of DXi product marketing for Quantum, says the DXi6900 scales up to 510TB in a way that allows IT organizations to deploy backup capacity on demand by simply turning a licensing key. The actual drives the customers need to support that additional backup requirement are already pre-installed in the system.

Burns says that while there is no shortage of options when it comes to backup and recovery, only a handful of vendors have developed purpose-built appliances that come loaded with software that automates the workflow surrounding the backup and recovery process.