Via The Register.

“Quantum has refreshed its dedupe box operating system and run up a fresh and faster hardware box.

Naturally Quantum compares the DXi 6900 to EMC DataDomain’s products, and the DD4500 in particular. It claims the 6900 is twice as fast ingesting data, three times more scalable and takes up 50 per cent less data centre space as well as costing less.

The DXi range before this announcement consisted of the V-Series software-only product and four hardware and software products:”

  • V-Series: 1 – 24TB of usable capacity and up to 4.9TB/hour
  • 4700: 5 – 135TB and up to 5.9TB/hour
  • 6700: 8 – 80TB and up to 9.1TB/hour
  • 6800: 13 – 156TB and up to 16.3TB/hour
  • 8500: 45 – 330TB and up to 11.1TB/hour

DXI6900 small configuration