Yes – you saw that correctly.

The LTO Program Technology Provider Companies (of which Quantum is one of three TPCs) has published their updated road map and it shows a stunning potential of 120 TB per single cartridge for generation 10 of LTO technology. That is 600 times the capacity released for the first generation of LTO technology.

The road map announcement is timely as the IBC show takes place this week and the theme of that show is “Content Everywhere”. While IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) is a vertically oriented event (broadcast vertical), the theme is relevant across many industries. How many of you are not in the broadcast industry but are experiencing a huge swell in the amount of content under management in your own organization? I suspect a large portion of you fit that description. I was viewing this video from ESG earlier today that shows the top reason for updating data protection tools: “volume of data is forcing a new approach”. This was not a broadcast-centric study, and it shows that many companies in many industries are suffering from the data explosion.

Across almost all verticals, archiving initiatives, regulatory retention mandates and compliance audits remain major drivers for archival storage investments. Businesses are making investments in technologies that allow them to make better use of existing structured and unstructured information (e.g., images, videos, machine logs) within a content indexed archive to generate greater business value.

Along with these user trends, Hybrid Linear Tape File System (LTFS) Tape storage solutions with disk caching capability and links to object storage environments will play an important role in serving low-tier archive storage use cases within large private and public cloud deployments.All of these factors combine to suggest tape capacity demand climbing geometrically, well beyond 2020.

Because of Quantum’s portfolio breadth, that includes disk backup, object storage as well as tape, we know better than most storage suppliers why companies continue to invest in tape. Bottom line – cost per TB, portability and long term reliability. Now that LTO has a defined road map to Gen 10 it is clear tape will continue its role for long term data retention and archive well into the 2020’s.

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