A former FBI director is famous for saying that there are two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.

One of the rewards of working on scale-out storage for mission critical environments is that you get to work on solutions that make a difference—to national security, to financial markets, to our economy. Today we are pleased to announce Quantum’s partnership with FireEye in the area of network forensics—a critical component of any modern organization’s security operations.

Today’s security teams protect the perimeter using the best available security defenses—but more and more, they are also preparing their “incident response” plans so they are ready to handle the inevitable cyber intrusion—so they can move quickly to investigate and resolve a cyber attack.

Quantum FireEye Cybersecurity Network Forensics

Network forensics is critical to cyber incident response because it provides the detailed network traffic data (and metadata) that you need to investigate what actually happened. The cybersecurity solution from Quantum and FireEye combines high-speed packet capture and analytics from FireEye with scale-out storage from Quantum —and delivers the industry’s highest performance and most scalable network forensics solution.

And network forensics is not just about incident response—there are other use cases as well. According to Joshua Goldfarb, Chief Security Strategist in the Enterprise Forensics Group at FireEye, network forensics can be used to hunt for indicators of compromise, and to hunt for evidence of subtle hidden activity occurring on the network—in addition to being instrumental in resolving cyber attacks.

Together, the combination of FireEye’s Network Forensics Platform and Quantum’s StorNext Scale-out Storage provides a powerful investigative platform to combat cybersecurity threats and strengthen cyber defenses.

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