W elcome to a new Quantum blog series about our Technology Alliance Partners. As you may know, we‘re looking to collaborate with world-class technologies to deliver proven joint solutions for our customers’ most demanding environments.

I recently sat down with Anniek Snauwaert, director of global technology alliances at Quantum, to gain insight into our partnership with Genetec, a video management system (VMS) juggernaut.

Why is Genetec an ideal partner for Quantum?

Quantum and Genetec — both leaders in their fields — share the same passion and drive to deliver excellence to partners and customers, creating rock-solid joint solutions that provide value to customers’ demanding environments. As a team, Quantum and Genetec can empower the next generation of surveillance and security solutions to allow customers to maximize their investment today and in the future.

How do you see the Genetec and Quantum solution serving the surveillance and security community?

Storage by itself is not a solution, and neither is a VMS application or analytics software. By themselves they’re just products. Customers don’t want products, they want solutions. The combination of Quantum and Genetec products gives the customer what they’re looking for — a tested and proven solution to their problem. Quantum and Genetec are working closely together for the sole purpose of creating differentiated solutions for our mutual customer problems.

In the optimized joint solution, Quantum® StorNext® 5 intelligently manages the storage and streaming of Security Center data based on rules tailored to each client’s retention and usage. Users interact with the system as a single virtual drive to increase transparency and decrease complexity.

Can you provide an example of an environment that the joint solution is well suited for?

A prime example is a transportation use case. Transportation hubs need a high-performance data management solution that can handle full resolution video streams integrated with real-time analytics operating at 100%. The Quantum StorNext solution integrated with Genetec Security Center meets these requirements, enabling IT and security managers to easily leverage data to move from insight to action.

What are some of the challenges that the Genetec and Quantum solution can solve?

The Quantum StorNext 5 integration with Security Center provides a high-performance platform for managing the climbing influx of video captured from low-cost, high-resolution cameras. StorNext 5 allows storage to scale with data requirements and can balance the demands for higher resolution video, longer retention times, and complex video analytics.

I’d like to thank Anniek for providing insights into our relationship with Genetec. To learn more about the joint solution with Quantum and Genetec, join our webinar on August 4, The Future of Surveillance in Transportation & Why Data Management Matters.

Key Takeaways

The Quantum and Genetec joint solution:

  • Empowers next-generation surveillance and security
  • Offers value across multiple verticals, including transportation
  • Provides a high-performance, cost-effective solution
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