Today, Quantum announced the acquisition of the Symform cloud storage platform, serving over 45,000 customers.

As a Quantum customer, or prospect, why should you care?

For years, customers have relied on Quantum, as a specialist in scale-out storage, backup and archive, to deliver the best workflow and target storage. These target devices have been everything from cost-effective managed Scalar tape libraries, to highly scalable online Lattus object storage, to extremely efficient DXi disk deduplication appliances. In combination with our ISV partners, we’ve delivered workflow, backup and archive solutions with high quality end-to-end support. Survey after survey has shown that customers trust Quantum to deliver the most cost-effective, successful solutions for their storage use cases. But in the new world, there are increasingly cases where customers need the target device to be a cloud service.

The challenge, for many enterprise customers, is that the cloud options they can choose from today are predominantly consumer centric. The cloud service providers don’t natively deliver enterprise quality of service in robustness (in availability, optimized performance), end-to-end support, or predictable cost. Their services also don’t come integrated with a broad storage solution – or a workflow. Customers who want to have tiered-data-as-a service must buy platform as a service and do the integration (and the maintenance) themselves.

This is a gap that Quantum, as the storage expert, is uniquely suited to fill. So what did we buy? What is Symform’s technology?

1) Symform’s platform, first of all, is a highly scaled out operational cloud service, applauded for extreme ease of use. Symform has been successfully serving over 45,000 mostly prosumer backup and archive customers for years. Software installs in minutes; an easy to use customer portal allows for simple provisioning, monitoring and management of storage. If you want to try it, you can do this today by downloading the client at

2) Symform’s software technology easily captures and transfers data from a wide range of applications and platforms – in native file format – to the cloud, including mobile devices, file sync and share, and file backup. It’s potentially an easy tool for migrating data which historically has been stored onsite. Like Quantum’s vmPRO, because Symform data is in native file format, it’s recoverable from anywhere, without the need to be “recovered” to the original site, through the original backup agent. Oh, also, that native file format might make it really easy to export large volumes of data on tape, in open LTFS format, for disaster recovery or intercompany data transfer.

3) Symform is based on software that allows data to be stored transparently in more than one location. Today this is just a horizontal cloud, but this capability allows Quantum to potentially expand the service to include directing one copy of a customer’s backup to stay onsite and a second copy to the cloud, in a hybrid onsite/offsite, but fully managed model. Imagine having a copy of all your data still local, onsite, under your control, without the need to manage any of it. It’s the best of both worlds – local performance – zero administration cost.

4) Symform is a natural cloud extension to the work Quantum has already done with Q-Cloud Protect and Lattus. The service adds a tier of moderate-to-cold performance, perfectly suited for data protection and long term cold storage.

So without specifically outlining the roadmap… watch this space.

Many exciting things to come…

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Read the press release from Quantum and Symform

Quantum Acquires Symform Cloud Storage
Quantum Acquires Symform Cloud Storage
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