Gartner just published their first annual Magic Quadrant for the deduplication appliance market, and I think it’s an accurate portrayal of the market, as well as good validation of Quantum’s DXi deduplication technology.

The Magic Quadrant itself is shown below (the full report can be obtained via Gartner), and Quantum was the only vendor ranked as a “Challenger.” This is a great ranking for Quantum and based on Gartner’s methodology this reflects a strong ability to execute, capable products, and the financial resources to sustain continued growth. The strengths that Gartner highlights in their report validate our technology and some of our key differentiation.

Gartner lists three strengths and three cautions for each vendor. For Quantum, our strengths are listed as:

• Tape integration is Quantum’s top differentiation, compared with its competitors. The vendor provides a management console with rich features to manage both tape and disk.
• Quantum’s “pay-as-you-grow” hardware licensing and all-inclusive software licensing model gives users better flexibility and affordability.
• A patented variable-length in-line deduplication algorithm provides a good deduplication ratio.

Gartner is validating the strength of our variable-length deduplication (versus solutions that use fixed-block deduplication), our unique capacity-on-demand approach to selling additional storage capacity, and our integration with tape, which continues to be an important part of backup workflows for long term retention and archiving.

Finally and on a more personal note, I also like the label of “Challenger” and the connotations that that brings a lot with it:

• Challenge the market leader
• Challenge the status quo

There’s a bit of a “chip on the shoulder” mentality that challengers thrive on – despite our smaller scale we have the confidence and swagger to know we can compete and win against entrenched market leaders that are 10x our scale – based on the strength of our technology, the expertise of our people, who we are. And that’s one of the reasons we win…

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To learn more about our DXi series, check out our DXi product page.

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