I love working with customers that we’ve watched grow and evolve. One of my favorite success stories is Matt Silverman, who founded motion design studio Swordfish in San Francisco with one Mac Mini and some direct attached storage. These days, Swordfish has an impressive client list that includes Sony, Microsoft, and Apple, and their growing team works on projects where 4K footage and large 3D renders are commonplace.

It didn’t take long for Swordfish to outgrow its storage solution, and Matt, who also serves as executive creative director, needed to take Swordfish’s storage to the next level. That’s why he called ASG. Swordfish is a great example of the kind of creative shop ASG excels at supporting, because we design and build systems that support data-intensive workflows and avoid compatibility issues.

Swordfish Quantum Blog SAN
StorNext Pro Foundation Quantum Blog SAN

Data is the core of Swordfish – like so many other companies, lost data means lost business. As a motion design studio, however, Swordfish has different storage needs than your traditional post house. They needed a robust, redundant network backbone that was compatible with many professional graphics and video software applications.

We’re a little shop trying to do things large shops do,” Silverman told me. “I talked to all the system integrators. They all tried to tell me what I wanted. ASG came in and showed me a system doing what I wanted.”

When we looked into Swordfish’s day-to-day business needs, we knew a high-performance shared storage solution was still the best bet for Matt and his team. Our team helped him see that a SAN presented the most high-performance and future-proofed solution for motion design.

We like what Quantum has done with their ready-made StorNext Pro Foundation. It’s a pre-configured solution, which features StorNext 5 software, redundant metadata controllers, and 96TB of high-performance SAN storage (expandable up to 360TB). The result is an integrated solution that delivers real-time playback of large files, supports all the software that Swordfish uses for its projects, and can be scaled to meet future storage needs. The Quantum solution is tailor-made for these types of shops, and StorNext continues to be a workhorse for Swordfish.

“ASG came in and handled the full install. StorNext just works, that’s the beauty of it,” Silverman explained. “You just let the thing run in the background. You never have to turn it on. You never have to turn it off. It just goes, and it creates this amazing network. And I can’t speak highly enough of ASG and their ability to solve problems.”

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Want to learn more about how Swordfish partnered with ASG and Quantum? Check out the video below or visit our Customer Stories page to read the full Case Study: http://www.quantum.com/customerstories/swordfish/index.aspx

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