G artner’s Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays report was released on Halloween, and it was anything but scary news. Quantum QXS™ flash hybrid storage was positioned by Gartner as a Challenger—it’s the first time that we have been included in this Magic Quadrant report. Achieving a Challenger position is great news! Chris Mellor, storage editor for The Register, concludes the reaction from prospects will be, “Hey boss, your shortlist just got longer.” You can read Mellor’s entire article in The Register. For a detailed overview of the market players, check out this article in StorageNewsletter.com.

A Challenger in Gartner’s vernacular is a vendor that “executes well enough to be a serious threat to vendors in the Leaders quadrant. They have strong products, as well as sufficient credible market position and resources to sustain continued growth. Financial viability is not an issue for vendors in the Challengers quadrant, but they lack the size and influence of vendors in the Leaders quadrant.”

Quantum QXS is smart, strong, and flexible storage. QXS flash hybrid strengths cited in the Magic Quadrant report include:

  • Q-Tier is responsive and granular.
  • Resilient array controllers meet NEBS and MIL-SPEC criteria.
  • Seamless upgrades improve availability and operational agility.

QXS flash hybrid storage is designed for large unstructured data, random data, and as a target for large backups. Many of our customers use QXS flash hybrid storage with our smart software, Q-Tier, a real-time, automatic, intelligent tiering application for intensive data analytics and virtualization. Q-Tier scans all the data, scores it, and if necessary, moves it based on the actual usage of the data. This scoring, scanning, and moving of data occurs every 5 seconds with almost no impact on performance. Q-Tier enables 90% of all-flash-like performance at 30% of the cost. Think about this for a moment—90% of the performance of an all-flash array at 30% of the cost. Unless you have an infinite budget, why wouldn’t you consider this solution?

And there are more compelling reasons to consider QXS. Complementing the real-time, automated tiering functionality found in Q-Tier is a critical processing feature we call Q-Turbo. Q-Turbo simultaneously writes to both of the active-active controllers, which provides up to a 50% ingestion improvement over traditional methods. This 50% increase in ingestion speed is perfect for reducing those ever-increasing backup windows. Q-Tier and Q-Turbo are both unique to the QXS flash hybrid architecture.

Not only are Quantum QXS hybrid flash arrays with Q-Tier smart, they are also strong and flexible. QXS hybrid storage arrays have been certified for both the NEBS Level 3 and MIL-STD-810G specifications. Passing these rigorous specifications demonstrates that our arrays are strong and resilient to heat, dust, and movement. The QXS hybrid flash array has proven five-nines availability. Finally, QXS hybrid flash arrays are flexible because they are seamlessly expandable—performing controller migration in place and adding disks and extensions with no downtime.

Contact your local sales representative to find out how we can demonstrate the performance and functionality of QXS.

Learn more about Quantum QXS flash hybrid storage at www.quantum.com/hybridstorage

Read the entire Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays report here.

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