The Story So Far…

This is the story of Rook, an open source project that was built by many hands, fostered by Quantum Corporation developers and accepted this week into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), where it can grow and deliver solid storage management capabilities to a much broader community.

Cloud native applications run in containers on commodity hardware (think Dev Ops-driven, flexible infrastructure that can be put up fast, torn down and repurposed endlessly).

The Evil Lack-of-Storage-Services Slows Cloud Native Adoption

A lack of storage services and storage service management in container environments severely hampers cloud native adoption. Having to manage all data storage services – deployment, bootstrapping, configuration, provisioning, upgrades, DR, migrations, scaling, monitoring and resource management – separately from a cloud native infrastructure makes the entire approach far less appealing.

Rook Rides Out

Enter Rook – a storage orchestration layer that turns distributed storage software (like Ceph) into self-managing, self-scaling and self-healing storage services for container environments like Kubernetes.

Dragons and the Deep Blue Sea

HBO’s Game of Thrones, UC San Diego’s Nautilus Project, FlexShopper, Verne Global and Norwegian Welfare have deployed Rook in their cloud native environments, a number of them running the pre-production project in their production environments.

From Hedge Knight to King’s Guard

Rook’s days of traveling alone are now over. This week, Rook joins community projects like Kubernetes, Prometheus and rkt under the CNCF banner. As an “Inception” level project, Rook had to meet a number of requirements for production end user deployments. Notably, it had to “add value to cloud native computing” and “demonstrate a substantial ongoing flow of commits and merged contributions.”

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