Data protection strategies have been in a state of accelerated evolution over the last five years. I hear this confirmed regularly by customers describing their implementation stories with Quantum, as well as by the industry analysts that we meet with to discuss our latest product innovations. ESG’s Jason Buffington is one of those analysts that we talk with often, and it’s always interesting to see how ESG’s research squares against what we’re seeing in data centers. Jason’s latest video blog about modernizing data protection – 8 Suggestions for Every Data Protection Strategy– highlights ESG research that resonated with me in a number of respects.

Data protection is more than backup

We’ve been saying this for a long time, particularly as VMs have proliferated and Quantum’s DXi-Series and vmPRO products combine to provide the kind of backup + snapshot + replication environment that ESG’s research describes as the dominant trend.

If you can store your protected data smarter, you can significantly reduce your storage spending

One way to get deduplication as close to production workloads as possible is via DXi Accent software, which allows the backup server to collaborate in the deduplication process, off-loading part of the data reduction activity so that only unique blocks are sent over the network to the DXi appliance. This hybrid approach provides dramatically faster backups over bandwidth constrained LANs or WANs.

Five of the top six data protection challenges are around visibility

We noticed this too. The ability to call up status reports for Quantum’s disk and tape systems at a glance with Vision Reporting software – even over an iPhone – is tremendously empowering. Further, Scalar tape libraries come with iLayer management software, offering the most advanced library management capabilities available anywhere. This is an aspect of data protection that does not seem to get the attention it deserves, and it’s good to see it reflected in ESG’s research.

Solve for both CAPEX and OPEX and the agility to restore

ESG research shows economics are increasingly driving decisions to change approaches to data protection, even more than performance issues. The ability to shift CAPEX dollars to OPEX has been a central theme for customers considering cloud backup services such as Quantum’s Q-Cloud. It has also become a point of interest for managed service providers adding cloud backup-as-a-service offerings, and new licensing models like Quantum’s MSP program are making these offerings more economically viable for them.

You could roll your own backup appliances, but why?

Simplicity has emerged as a key attraction for pre-configured virtual or physical appliances such as Quantum’s DXi4700, and Jason succinctly captures this idea.

Plan for a hybrid architecture

When we urge customers to rethink their approach to backup and archive, we talk about adopting the tiered approach leveraging disk, tape and cloud to their best advantage depending on recovery and retention requirements or distance considerations.

Jason covers a lot of ground in 8 minutes. It’s recommend viewing for anyone trying to get a handle on current data protection trends and how solutions are evolving.

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View Jason’s video blog about modernizing data protection – 8 Suggestions for Every Data Protection Strategy

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