Working with our federal customers and sales team to solve complex storage challenges, it’s become clear to me that government agencies are under pressure to modernize their storage infrastructure. No more silos. No more stovepipes. Yes to collaboration. Agencies face a bevy of challenges: massive data growth, shrinking budgets, increased user expectations—as well as technology advances in sensors, analytics, mobile, and cloud—all of which stress traditional IT.

To modernize storage infrastructure (and to do it effectively) involves a spectrum of different tools and techniques: e.g. converging backup & archive—consolidating data centers—taking advantage of new cloud technologies—and mixing tiers of flash, disk, object, cloud, and tape to enable collaboration, within budget, at scale.

Quantum is the leading expert in scale-out storage, archive, and data protection for government information workflows.  On our newly revamped Government Solutions web page, we highlight the ways we help government agencies manage today’s massive influx of data. And we share stories about how Quantum storage powers government information workflows—in specific use cases such as GeospatialCybersecurityVideo Surveillance, Government Video and Backup and Archive.

We’ve tried to answer your questions before you ask them: about the use cases served and the storage problems solved.  We offer customer stories and proof points.  For the techie, we provide links to technology and product pages, with everything you need on speeds and feeds.  If you can’t find something you’re looking for—please let us know!

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