Will Legal Ruling on APIs Put Gas in the OpenStack Storage Engine?

Historically, the storage industry, simply put, sucks at agreeing on – and deploying – open standards for anything. This fact makes huge sense when you consider that the “standardized” segments of the storage business (e.g., raw disk storage) have survived for years on razor thin margins per disk, while the software and system value-add that have floated on top of this core architecture have been priced at anywhere from rational margins to excess profits. Nobody wants to give up those margins! Startups need those margins to innovate while the major system and storage houses who exert a level of market control simply love the ROI. Nobody really wants an open standard – unless by some chance it is constructed to allow customers to move off the competitor’s offerings and onto “mine.” This win-lose mentality results in a lot of talk (and meetings) about open standards and products, but very little action. SNIA is a tissue paper tiger. Enter – the cloud.