World Backup Day – More Important Than Ever

Finally – a day to celebrate everything about backup! We know that backups can sometimes be seen as a necessarily evil, but let’s face it – backing up and protecting data is more important than ever. Both for consumers at a personal level, but also for businesses, digital information is more valuable than ever. And the nature of backup is changing – the idea of ‘batch backup’ that businesses have employed for years is going away, with new technologies and approaches for storing and protecting data coming out all the time. It’s an interesting opportunity to reflect on where Quantum has been in the world of backup as a leader in various technologies, and now where we’re going as a storage company.

3 Reasons to Love Native Format for VM Backups: Future Proof Flexibility (PT. 3)

In my first two blogs, the discussions have been around using native format for amazing fast restores and for booting VMs remotely, all without actually needing the backup application. In this final post I will explore how native format can provide “future proof flexibility.” When I hear this term, I am always reminded of the Best Buy commercial where consumers are constantly, and humorously, reminded of the fast pace of technology. If you are like me, having something new and shiny is always nice, however, life gets in the way and we need to spend our finances elsewhere. The same goes for our IT budgets.