How Transportation Agencies are Outsmarting Industry Challenges

The transportation industry affects everyone’s daily routine. Over 11 billion trips are taken each year on public transit in the United States — more than 16 times the number of trips taken yearly in domestic air travel. With the massive amount of travelers each year comes emerging security challenges, such as emergency management, cybersecurity threats, and public safety and security risks.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Points

Video has long been a staple of sports—it’s used for scouting, game prep, recruiting and promotion, as well as broadcasting—but two factors are making it different now. One is the technology for analyzing what’s on video. One of the biggest trends in sports is motion analysis, which combines special analytics applications and video to help players improve their performance by breaking down and evaluating their movements. In addition to motion analysis technology, there are also now programs that can comb through years of footage to find trends based on very sophisticated variables—specific players, coaches, and situations—and extract clips to let coaches and players analyze tendencies and put together a game plan.