VMworld, Veeam, and Kicking The Cartel

Storing data is easy (well, not that easy). But turning it into meaningful business value requires technology partners that know how to integrate well and create something bigger. Customers want products that can create a real solution to a real problem. That’s the Quantum approach and that’s why we’re so excited for this year’s VMworld. We’re “Kicking the Cartel” and helping companies break free from traditional, old school ways of storing and protecting data. If it’s time for your organization to break free from paying $2,500 per TB for backup software, stop by the Quantum booth at VMworld. We’ll show you how to create a different approach to storage that centers on the highest performance and the lowest TCO. We’ll be showcasing all of our technology at VMworld too, including our QXS hybrid storage for VM primary storage and our Artico NAS appliance for archiving. Sign up to meet with the Quantum Storage Experts at the show and you could win an Apple Watch too.

3 Reasons to Love Native Format for VM Backups: Remote Restores (PT.2)

If you had the chance to read my first blog in this series, you will remember that vmPRO is the only backup application that writes data in native format, which can guarantee fast restores using vmPRO GUI or a standard file browser with easy drag and drop functionality. In this post, the second of this three-part series, I will cover how the native backup format can help transform your disaster recover (DR) strategy by booting VMs and restoring files remotely (no matter the target device — disk, tape or cloud) all without actually using the backup application.