My Fed colleagues tell me that their favorite morning news station for the D.C. beltway commute is Federal News Radio (1500 on your AM dial). So I was thrilled when I was invited to talk to Tom Temin on the “Federal Drive” morning news show about Cybersecurity and Network Forensics.

With the latest Home Depot breach still fresh in the news, we talked about the growing awareness that breaches are going to happen, and the importance of putting robust incident response plans in place—in advance. We discussed the value of Network Forensics: how a collection of network traffic data gives you a “black box” so you can look back in time to figure out what how the malicious code behaved on your systems—and whether any data was exfiltrated during the weeks or months between the time the malware first intruded and the time the problem was discovered. I also had the opportunity to talk about our partnership with FireEye, and to highlight the untold story in network forensics—the critical role that a high-performance, scalable shared storage solution can play in enabling an effective response to a cyber attack.

Our 8 minute interview went by pretty fast. After we wrapped up our call, it hit me: I forgot to mention how the window is widening between intrusion and discovery, which means that organizations are storing network traffic data for even longer periods of time. Guess I’ll have to save that topic for the next interview.

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Quantum Network Forensics Cybersecurity Federal News Radio

Listen to Quantum’s Claire Giordano on Federal News Radio here. 

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